Glass Working Space

Glass Working Space

A Glass Studio by the Sea

Robert Wynne’s glass studio is located only minutes from the very beautiful Manly Beach in the Northern Beaches area of Sydney.

It is divided into two separate spaces; the hot shop, where the furnace and other kilns reside, and the cold shop where the glass art pieces are finished.

The Working Studio

The studio is constantly evolving, the changes reflecting Rob’s own development as a glass artist. It is also important to keep up with the evolution in the market for hand-blown glass and in the glass blowing community.

Having two separate working areas; the hot shop (where the glass is blown), and the cold finishing area, is ideal. This allows much greater flexibility and better quality control for all the finished glass works. Importantly, it also provides the chance to divide the frenetic pace of blowing from the intricate and meditative process of design and finishing.

Investment in good technology also ensures a safe working environment and efficient use of time and resources. It is important to keep a balance of fun and disciplined focus in the working space. This keeps the creativity flowing and work to be produced without obstruction.

As well as Robert Wynne glass artist, the studio also operates under the name Denizen Glass Studio. Most of the production hand-made glass sold to the retail markets is created under this brand.

Commissioned and self-commissioned glass artworks are made under the Robert Wynne name directly. Please contact Robert if you would like to commission your own piece of glass art.

Glass Studio Hire

Denizen is one of the few glass studios for hire (or even operating) in the Northern Beaches, or in Sydney. The studio has great lighting, including window lighting, and excellent ventilation. Road access and parking are both good.

Please read more about hiring our glass studio if you are interested in producing your own work.