Robert Wynne – My Precious

Robert Wynne

Glass Artist

World Renowned Glass Artist

Robert Wynne is an Australian glass artist based in the beach suburb of Manly, Sydney.

His work exhibits a playfulness combined with technical precision; a goal to evoke meaning and emotion beyond the aesthetic beauty of a piece; a touch of anarchy and a restlessness that strains for a new way of seeing the glass. These combine to create the diverse collection of his glass art.

Robert Wynne’s glass artworks are featured and held in numerous private and public collections. His work is held in the private art collections of the Japanese Royal Family, Bill Clinton and Sure Elton John. Examples of his work have been purchased for the collections of various museums in Australia and around the world, including the Sydney Powerhouse Museum and the Glasmuseum, Denmark.

To experience the gorgeous glow of light through frosted glass or reflected from lustrous, iridescent finishes, explore this site further.

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The Artist

Robert is an artist who loves the freedom to play with and explore the medium of glass, matched with the technical precision that this artform requires. 

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The Glass

Hand-blown glass is incredibly beautiful and unique, each piece being the result of a choreographed dance between the artist and the molten glass.

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The Studio

Operating under the name Denizen Glass Studio and only minutes away from Manly Beach, the studio is available for hire or open for viewing by appointment.

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